Edward and Bella Prom set! Two doll set. One of a Kind recreations of Edward and Bella in their prom clothes. There is no other like this in the world.


This set is FOR SALE as of September 2010- email me for availability. This one is one of a kind and I will not recreate this set ever again. See details below:

I accept money order and Western Union. Email me if interested.

As with all my dolls, all factory paint was removed prior to repainting both of these dolls.
Bella first:

She was carefully repainted with quality acrylics and sealers, with an eye towards detail and realism.
Her features include:
# Eye color: Chocolate brown
# Lips: Natural pink
# Hair: Long, curled, as in the movie.
# Other: Delicate facial shading is added to all my repaints, to simulate the play of light and shadow that accents our features. Blushing is added in a gentle tint of color.
# Clothing: I have replicated Bella's outfit as closely as possible. Handmade my me, the dress is sapphire blue silkessence, with a tiered skirt. I literally searched for weeks and weeks to find the little white sweater that Bella wears over her dress. She is wearing the same style leggings as in the movie, and I have recreated the blue sneakers that she wore as well. She wears a cast that is similar to the one from the movie. On her wrist she wears a floral corsage, and on the other a "turquoise" and silver bracelet, which matches her necklace --- Just like in the movie.

# Edward:
# ALL of his paint was removed. I then carefully gave him a very detailed repaint with quality acrylic paints and UV protective sealers.
# Eyes: Edward's eyes are painted in the Cullen amber, that they all share.
# Lips are painted natural with shading and detailing of light and shadow. Matte sealer used on lips.
# Brow hairs painted in sheer layers in varying colors to simulate the texture of real hair.
# Realistic facial shading added to suggest the actual contours and features of the male face.
# Edward wears a dark blue suit, white shirt and blue tie, with black shoes, similar to his suit from the movie Twilight.

DOLL STANDS come with this set. I will NOT be recreating this set again. This is the last and only one there will ever be, so if you are enchanted by Edward and Bella, this is your chance to get a very accurate and unique recreation of them from Prom Night.

This set is on sale now for $165.00

Layaway accepted!!!