Monster High Repaint Tutorial CD

Monster High Custom Dolls Tutorial

Learn How to Repaint Monster High Dolls and Style Hair


Learn how to repaint Custom Monster High Dolls

with my new CD Tutorial

Now Available ONLY as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD in my Etsy Store:

Learn how to use acrylic paints, pastels and watercolor pencils to repaint and do face ups on Monster High dolls.

Four complete step-by-step Monster High Doll  Custom Repaints shown in full detail and color and much, much more!

This is what is on this Monster High Doll Repaint Tutorial CD:

Facial Feature How-To's: How to repaint eyebrows- different eyebrow shapes- how eyebrow shapes help you create different expressions-iris shapes, sizes and colors- how to paint eyelashes and different ways to paint eyeliner

Acrylic Supplies and Techniques: Differences between brands of acrylic paints, paint additives, brushes, sealers, how to remove factory paint and the BEST thing to use, additional supplies you will need, preparing your doll to repaint, working with acrylic paints.

Step by Step Photo intense Demonstration of a Draculaura repaint using acrylics

Step by Step Photo Intense Demonstration of a Frankie Stein repaint using acrylics

Pastels and Watercolor Pencils: What KIND of pastels work and which ones you want to avoid, the best watercolor pencils to use, basic color pallet to get your started using pastels, what kind of brushes you need to use pastels on Monster High dolls, A basic color pallet for watercolor pencils, what pencil sharpener works best, spray on sealers for Monster High Doll Repaints / faceup ~ which ones work and which to avoid,  how to USE pastels and watercolor pencils, preparing your doll for the repaint / faceup.

Step by Step Photo Intense Demonstration of a Faceup using pastels and watercolor pencils on Clawdeen Wolf AND a Create a Monster Mummy- Featuring the Popular SMOKEY EYE!

AND because your doll will certainly want to have her hair redone too, I have included ALL you need to know to create some awesome new hairstyles for your Monster High Doll Custom.

The HAIR Chapters include:

How to remove your Monster High Doll's Head without breaking her neck

How to remove the hair from a Monster High Doll- the Super FAST and EASY WAY.

How to give a Monster High Doll a Boil Perm-  (how to curl hair )

All About Mohair & Tibetan Lamb for Doll Hair

How to Apply Tibetan Lamb and Mohair to your Monster High Doll's head

How to use Flocking and make a FAUX Hawk for your Monster High Doll

How to Reroot a Monster High Doll

AND Probably the MOST HELPFUL SECTION of all-

TROUBLESHOOTING!! What are you doing WRONG and How do you FIX IT???

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You simply are NOT going to get ALL THIS Information on a You-Tube Video or ANYWHERE else all in ONE place!

About Monster High Makeovers CD:

197 pages in PDF format on CD- easily read by both PCs and Mac computers. Note, this is not a DVD, it is a CD, which is like a book you read on your computer screen.  Can be printed out.